“Working with Adina has been a very positive experience. Adina is professional, upbeat and wise – and will assist you on your journey to bigger and better!”

What coaching is:

  • Directed by your agenda
  • Partnering with and honoring your process, values, and beliefs
  • Sourcing the answers from you
  • Accepting what is in the moment and inventing a future from that place
  • Meeting you where you are and understanding your reality
  • Discovering and learning to trust the expertise that lies within you

What coaching is Not:

  • Directed by the coach’s agenda
  • Leading, directing or manipulating
  • Telling you what to do or giving direct advice
  • Therapy, healing or fixing the past
  • Judgmental. It does not determine right and wrong
  • Consulting or training

Choosing a professional coach to guide you on your journey is an important one.

Having experienced my own life challenges and establishing a successful relationship with a professional coach was a catalyst to becoming a professional life coach.

Not only do you want someone who is experienced, but you also want to connect with someone who truly understands you and your needs. My goal as a coach is to establish trust, get to the root of the issues in order to find effective but manageable solutions, and help shine a bright light on the path that you choose.

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Strong women aren’t born…

They are made by the storms they walk through.